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The original city (Noto Antica) was relocated and rebuilt in 1693 after it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. The new City of Noto became one of the best examples of Sicily’s great artistic and architectural heritage and as such has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. Once defined as “The Garden of Stone”, this city was built by local artisans and architects using Renaissance, Spanish and Neoclassical influences in their largely Baroque style. The majestic baroque palaces, monasteries, churches and cathedrals, all built with local limestone, glow with a golden hue in the sunset. The area is rich with olive trees, vineyards and almond trees and is within a short drive of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and its beaches.

The original site of the historic city which dated from 428 B.C is just 10km away. It was a florid bustling city during the Arabian, Greek and Roman domain until medieval times, of which there is still evidence today.