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Cava Grande del Cassibile

The Cava Grande del Cassible is a canyon of immense beauty stretching 10 kms in length and 250 metres in depth. It is the largest and most beautiful of its kind in the province. It sits in 1000 hectares of uncontaminated nature and its microclimate makes it home to many rare floral species.

The river which runs through the basin of the canyon has over the years carved out some pothole lakes from the soft limestone rock. After the trekking the 250 metres downhill in the hot summer sun, there is nothing more rewarding than diving into a fresh water lake, shaded by olive trees and surrounded by the green of the vast Nature Reserve. Here you can choose between gentle and vigorous massages from the waterfalls which flow between each of the small lakes. It is a truly special place…and worth the 250 metre uphill homeward trek.