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A Beautiful November 

webblog 24-10 A warm bright sun compellingly announces a yearly Sicilian tradition:  the “summer of San Martino”. Above average temperatures,  tempt you to have a last walk in the beaches of the Vendicari natural reserve.

Therefore it is not unusual ,walking along the main street of Noto on a warm, autumn afternoon, to detect the smell of roast chestnuts mingled with that of coconut sun-tan oil.

The fields, after the first rains, are covered with a light green mantle. The landscape sometimes has the lush greenness of Ireland, sometimes the arid brown of an Arab country.

Seductive and fascinating, this beautiful countryside around Noto, scattered with delightful small villas that are all habitable, dotted with green – sometimes dark, sometimes lighter and more opaque, sometimes silvery – coming from the carob, almond and olive trees, alongside the turquoise blue of the sea.  

The magic of the countryside in the Val di Noto is all here, in it’s entirety, a completeness of landscapes which  invites you to relax totally in this intimate, indescribable atmosphere.                                  



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