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Avola, honey and sea

Clinging to the hillside that indicates the start of the Iblei Mountains, a few kilometres from Noto, Avola keeps the spirit of an active, working agricultural centre alive.città-ideali-Avola_650x435

The old town of Avola, destroyed in the terrible earthquake of 1963, has been rebuilt in an elegant, baroque style, with a more neo-classic liberty style in the valley leading to the sea, in which you can still see the remains of an old tuna factory. It is therefore a place where mountains , sea and countryside all come together.

Its natural occupation, the production of honey, is inherent in its name, which comes from the Latin word “Apicula” and, in the planning of the town, in honour of this tradition, the main square was redesigned to resemble a beehive.

Honey and “Pizzuta” almonds, as well as other things, are produced here .

Today Avola relies heavily on tourism, given its vicinity to the sea and to two highly regarded nature reserves nearby, the small lakes of “Cavagrande del Cassibile” and “Vendicari”, both in the direction of Noto.

The countryside between Avola and Noto is noted by its picturesque landscape, fields dotted with little houses and farms set amongst the green of almond and olive trees, a vivid contrast to the blue sea. This area is becoming increasingly popular with foreign investors in the housing market.

Embrace Sicily, aware of this interest, has reserved for you some exclusive properties in this lovely area between Noto and Avola.


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